• How do I get a library card?
  • I got an email saying my card expired
  • What do things cost?
  • When are you open?
  • What if I owe money?
  • Why do I need a card to use a computer?
  • Can I borrow a room?
  • How do I get e-books?
  • What if I have a question not asked here?

How do I get a library card?

You can start the process online, or come in and fill out a paper application. Check with us, you might already have a card! Please bring something that identifies you- like your ID, or a piece of mail to your current address. Library cards are free for residents of either Albany or Rensselaer County. If you lost your plastic card, we can replace it for $1.

I got an email saying my card expired. Why? How do I renew my card?

We ask people to renew their cards every three years to make sure that we have the correct, up-to-date information.  Stop in or call to update us- we do not currently update cards online due to privacy concerns.

What do things cost?

  • We charge 10 cents a day for fines (we don’t charge for kid’s books)
  • Regular print outs and copies are 10 cents each
  • color copies are 20 cents
  • Faxes are $1 per page, but we don’t charge for cover sheet

When are you open?

  • Mon 12-5
  • Tues 10-5
  • Weds and Thurs 10-8
  • Fri 10-5
  • Sat 10-3

What if I owe money?

  • We try to work with our patrons because we want you to come back (and we want our stuff back).  If you owe a book to us, we will take a replacement copy in good condition. If you owe an item to another library, please contact that library to take care of it.
  • You can pay online with credit, debit or paypal- log in to your library account here.
  • Children can clear all late fines for movies by paying $2.
  • Adults can clear all current late fines by paying $10
  • If you owe more than $5 or have a lost item, we suspend library services until you can take care of it.

Why do I have to show you a library card to use a computer?

  • using a computer is one of our library services, and we can also make sure your card is up to date

Can I use a room?

  • If it’s not in use- but please ask first, we have a reservation system. Call the library to reserve a time and room.
  • If you want to use the room after hours, talk to the Library Director

How do I get e-books?

Website is Uhls.overdrive.com. On your phone or tablet- download Libby by Overdrive, select our library, enter your library card number, and start borrowing. On your Kindle, it’s easier to use a computer to find the book you want, then tell it to send it to your device through Amazon. You can also download audiobooks with Libby.

Who do I talk to if I have a problem?

It depends on the problem. If you would like to protest a policy, contact the library board. If you would like to ask for the library to be open more hours or provide more services, contact the City of Rensselaer’s Common Council. If you have an issue with staff, please contact the Library Director. For most of everything else, talk to staff- if we can’t help, we may be able to figure out who can.

What? I thought I was in Indiana!?

Wrong library- you want to go to the Jasper County Library in Rensselaer Indiana.